Passionate About Inspiring Others

HELLO! Laura here. I'm 25 and I'm from Dublin, Ireland.


I am a Life and Executive coach and also work in a corporate role in the Aviation industry.


I have a huge passion for Personal Development. My main aim in life is to show up with a positive outlook; help, uplift and inspire the people around me; and strive to be the most confident, content version of me. 


I am living with Anxiety and share my advice, experiences and tips for dealing with some of the situations life throws at us, which can trigger our feelings of Anxiety.

I quit Social Media for a month in 2018, mainly to challenge myself and I surprisingly ended up loving the freedom and new outlook on life it gave me. I stayed offline completely for a further 4 months and felt a lot of change and growth during that time. My Anxiety improved HUGELY throughout this time. This experiment put everything into perspective for me, after years constantly scrolling online, I couldn't believe the impact this detox from Social Media had on my life, mindset and wellbeing. At this point, I started writing my ideas and thoughts down, I began to work on blog posts and built my brand/ website. 


My aim is to add more value to your life, by giving you simple tried and tested tips and tools to help you start putting yourself and your goals first!