• Laura Lynch

Be Present This Christmas!!

Welcome people! Hope you’re well and surviving the miserable storm hitting us this week. For anyone who lives outside Ireland; it’s been constantly raining and really windy and it's not due to stop anytime soon - so we’re feeling a bit sorry for ourselves!

So, as you know (and if you don’t) I gave up my social media for four months earlier this year and found it to be completely liberating (you can read more about that in the Why the Blog section). One of the things I realised while giving up social media was the amount of free time I had now that I wasn’t constantly checking my phone. I had so much more free time that I started to see things completely differently, including how fake social media can be and how much it can affect us.

This leads me to a video I saw this week that really hit home with me and made me SOB. I really think it’s important to share it. It just gives you a dose of reality and makes you appreciate the important people in your life. It may even make you rethink your own social media habits and screen time.

Now it’s a ad campaign by a Spanish drinks company so it is in Spanish but they have included subtitles below, so please give it a watch.

(If subtitles don't appear on your mobile click the three dots on the right hand of the screen and select English . For desktop click the CC button on the right corner of the video and select English)

I know, how sad was that!! ….

With Christmas time coming up most of us will be lucky enough to spend it catching up with old friends and family and I think that it’s so important that we switch off from our phones and switch on to the people around us and be present this Christmas.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post

Laura x