• Laura Lynch

Is Your Comfort Zone Too Comfy?

I know it may sound a bit cliché or Carrie Bradshaw, but I truly believe that one of the keys to a happier life is to get out of your comfort zone, and to do it as often as possible. Now, I’m not talking about trying a different stir-fry from Camile than you usually get kind of get out of your comfort zone, I mean the scarier stuff – whatever that looks like for you.

I went to a great wellness talk last weekend by Miriam Hussey, at WellFest in Dublin. Miriam spoke about a mind exercise where she suggests we think about the last six months (or year, whichever you prefer) of our lives and imagine we are sitting down to watch it play out like a movie and ask yourself a series of questions; what things did you do well, or didn’t? What did you do that made you proud, or maybe you did something you are not too happy about? What opportunities or potential great memories did you miss out on? Who did you see or not see and how did their presence affect you? What motivated you? Have you got any regrets? I could continue on for days but I’m sure you get it! Anyways, Miriam’s way of reflecting; being grateful; and looking back on how we could have maybe treated ourselves a little nicer or made more time for the things that light us up, really hit the nail on the head for me and put things into perspective.

After this, Miriam asked us to think of how we would like our movies to look – the ideal life you have in mind for yourself. Next, we were to compare the two movies: what are the differences? What has been added or removed from your life in your ideal movie? What things are you doing in your ideal movie that you are too scared to do in your real life?

Now comes the tricky part: time to think about the changes you need to make in order to bring your dream life to life.

One significant thing I took away from Miriam’s talk was that unless you are in a place where you are 100% content with every part of your life (and that is so amazing and cool if you are), then there is time and space for you to change something. As I said, if you are completely satisfied with all aspects of your life, that is huge and such a great place to be but I am not quite there yet. I would expect most other people feel that there are goals they haven’t yet accomplished or tried, and they are scared to do them or keep putting them off.

The hard truth is (and we probably already know this) if nothing changes, nothing changes and that’s just it. It may not always feel like it, but we are actually in control of our lives. Trying new things that are meaningful to you and are in line with your goals will bring new like-minded people into your life. Making changes to your usual way of living will open new doors and that’s when you will notice and start to feel like you're on the road to being the happiest version of you – your ideal movie. Otherwise, your same (current) movie will just keep playing over and over and it most likely won’t fulfil you.

So there you have it, find out what it is you want or when an opportunity comes along that is not typically something you’d imagine doing, just go for it! We are shaped from the people in our lives and the experiences we choose to let ourselves have. To step outside your comfort zone will open doors and help you to learn so much about yourself in a very short space of time. It’s cliché but I’ve always heard the phrase that “life starts at the end of your comfort zone” and if nothing changes, nothing changes, but it’s exciting to think that everything could change for the better, and the chances are always there, we just have to be a little brave and take them!

Go on that solo bucket list holiday you’ve always dreamt of; apply for a promotion or dream job; start the course you've been putting off for years; meet up with that old friend you’ve been planning to meet up with for months; speak up for yourself; tell someone if you like them and just ask them to go for a drink - you’ll be absolutely terrified but won’t regret it!

You never know what could happen or what opportunity lies just around the corner for you.

On that note, I am trying to practice what I preach so have signed up for a Life Coaching course, it's something I have thought about doing for a while and I'm absolutely sh*tting myself! :)

Hope you have a lovely (& scary) week!

Laura xx